Scented Wax Melts

Our range of scented wax melts makes a perfect gift for any occasion.

We have a range of scented wax melts and scented candles that are perfect addition to any home.

We have a range of wax burner melts. Choose from Gingerbread Cookie Wax Melts which will fill your room with a sweet warm & cosy gingerbread fragrance. To our Pumpkin Pie Wax Melts. Giving you scents of autumn and Halloween. Making you feel warm and cosy. Perfect for when those nights are closing in.

Christmas would not be the same without the room being filed with your favourite fragrances. So we have some Christmas wax melts to do just that. Our Spiced Chocolate Macarons gives a modern twist on Christmas. Spiced macarons smothered in chocolate powder make these Christmas wax melts good enough to eat. But please don’t.

If you are looking for something a little different. Why not try our Witches Brew. It will fill your room with of earthy patchouli, pumpkin, and spicy incense.

We hand make all of our scented candles and scented wax melts in the UK. We only use eco soy wax. Our master blenders use the best wax melt fragrance oil. So you can be sure we produce the best wax melts UK (well we think so). Our wax melts are prefect for use in an oil warmer/burner. Or an electric wax burner.

Take a look through our wax melts range. We think we have something for everyone.

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