The Mummy Mini Wax Melts


The Mummy Scented wax melts from The Halloween Candle Company.
This wax melt is made from soy wax.
It is highly scented with the aroma of Oud.


The Mummy Mini wax melts from The Halloween Candle Company.
This pack of 6 mini wax melts come in Dark Gothic Colours are Pumpkin Shaped and made from soy wax
Highly scented with the aroma of Oud perfect for use in an oil warmer/burner.
Great gift idea for Horror Fans, Perfect for Halloween season.
These lovely mini melts would make a perfect addition to any home.
Just pop one or two in to a warmer of your choice and fill your home or office with a divine aroma, once you have finished with your chosen sent or would like to change it out for a different one then simply cool allow the wax to cool and pop out the wax disk and replace with another.
For easy removal once cool pop into a freezer for a few minutes and it will cleanly pop out or simply soak wax up with some kitchen paper whilst still warm.

Please never leave a lit candle unattended.


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