Best Scented Candles UK

Scented Candles from Mugworts.

Scented Candles

When you are looking for the best scented candles from the UK. You want to make sure you are getting the best scented candles.

So we have put together a little piece to help get you started. As you would expect best scented candles will come in many different designs. Scented candles also come in different sizes and containers. The containers are usually made from glass or metal. Some candles have no containers. These are called pillar candles. Because pillar candles have no container they will need to be stood on a candle holder. This will protect the surface and stops any wax from making a mess.

glass scented candle jar

Glass Jars

These come in different sizes and shapes

tin scented candle

Tin Container

Normally for a smaller size candle

pillar candle


No container, But these will need to go onto a holder

How To Choose Scented Candles?

Not sure what kind of scented candle to choose? Look at any web site or shop and it can be easy to be overwhelmed with the choice that is on offer. So let’s start with size. Whatever type of candle you choose, glass jar, tin or pillar. You will soon discover scented candles come in many different sizes. Our jar scented candles come in two sizes. The smaller of which is a 6 oz or 190ml jar. The larger jar measures 10.5cm x 16.8cm.

All Different Shapes And Sizes

It wouldn’t take a lot of searching to find candles in every size jar from the size of an egg cup to a large bowl. Likewise for tin candles and pillar candles. The only thing you have to think about is where your scented candle will go. A large candle will make a beautiful centre piece for a dinning table. Whilst a smaller candle is perfect for a shelf or smaller table.

Wherever you choose to have your scented candle. Always make sure they are in a safe place. Making sure the only thing the flame will burn is the candle itself.

What Is The Best Scent?

Enjoy the scent of a freshly cleaned home? Enjoy the scent of freshly cut grass?

The range of scents for scented candles are only limited by your imagination. What could be more enjoyable than relaxing with your favourite scents filling the room. We have a range of scented from time old favourites. Our Lily of the Valley jar candles which will fill your room with the scent of fresh flowers. Salted Caramel gives you the aroma of warm buttery salted caramel. Perfect on a cold winters evening. Because we only use high quality fragrance oils to make our scented candles. You can be sure that the scents are beautiful and full. From the beginning to the end of the candle.

How Much Are Scented Candles?

The cost of scented candles will vary. And it will all depend on the quality of the candle. It is very tempting to buy scented candles for just a few pounds. The thing to keep in mind is what goes in to make a quality candle. The type and quality of wax and fragrance to create the scent is key. Simply put low quality ingredients will produce a low quality product.

At Mugworts we have spent time developing our scented candles. We use eco soy wax. Ensuring each candle is left with a quality finish. And a lengthy burn time. The quality of the wick is also important. Tunnelling is when a candle burns down the wick. But leaves a ring of wax round the edge.

That is why we make sure the wicks we use burn clean and even. Making sure our scented candles do not tunnel.

What would a scented candle be without a lasting fragrance? Our blenders take pride in mixing different fragrances so we can give each candle their unique scent. Our scented jar candles range in price from £9.99 to £24.99. We want to make sure when you buy one of our scented candles you will receive a high quality product. That will fill your room with your favourite scents. It will also burn cleanly and evenly. Keeping you happy with your candle to the very end.

How Long Should Scented Candles Last?

How long a scented candles lasts will depend on the size of the candle and the quality. Remember what we advised about buy a cheap candle? It will also, of course, depend on how long the candle is alight. This is called burn time. Because some people will light there candle once a day and some will use theirs once a week. We measure the burn time in hours.

The burning time for our scented candles are approx. 40 hours This is for a 6.4 oz or 190 ml jar candle. Our larger candles which measures 10.5 cm wide x 16.8 cm high will burn for approx. 110 hours.

40 hour burning time Scented Candle

6.4 oz or 190 ml jar candle

Burning time approx. 40 hours

110 hour burning time Scented Candle

Measures 10.5 cm wide x 16.8 cm high

Burning time approx. 110 hours

Candles For Every Occasion

It may be obvious but a candles can be used in many different ways. Here are just some ideas that you can use a candle to add a touch of luxury to your home.

Time For A relaxing Bath – Nothing can be more enjoyable than a nice hot relaxing bath. But way not add some comforting candle to make it even more special. In the stressful world we all live in. Taking time for yourself is even more important. So next time you have a bath. Make it an occasion. Set aside and hour or so. Have your favourite products to hand. Light some scented candles. Lock the door. Turn of the light and relax into a warm sensuous bath. Let the worries of the day fade away and allow yourself to take a break. Make this time about you and no one else. You deserve it.

Make your bath more luxurious with you favourite candles

A Cosy Evening Light – After a hard day of working. We all want to be able to switch of and relax. People relax in different ways. But if you are one for putting on you lunge wear as soon as you get in then this may be for you. Instead of having the main light on or lamps. Why not have some well placed candles. You can scatter these around the room or have them in little clusters. Either way, the warm glowing light you will get is far superior to any lamp or flame effect bulb. Instantly relaxing, scented candles make for the perfect evening in.

The warm glow of candle light make a great alternative to lamps

Fresh Fragrance To Fill Your Home – Homes are busy places. Lot’s of comings and going. It doesn’t take long before odours to start to get trapped. One of the easiest and best way to get rid of odours to to simple light a scented candle. Fill your home with fresh floral smells or scents of a bright summers days. They can be place in any room. You can be creative and have a different scent to each room. This way you will constantly have different fragrances throughout the home.

Fill your home with freshness with your favourite smelling scented candles

Ready To Explore The World Of Scented Candles

Hopefully this has given you an insight in to scented candles. Whatever kind you decide to buy we know you won’t look back. Once you dip your toe into this wonderful world of beautiful fragrances. You’ll soon be selecting which scented candle to light from your collection.